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We have him ! Little Tito. 15 years old ,no teeth, he is a  mess, poor baby. He'll stay with us in the sanctuary where he knows he will be loved and safe. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us get him. He is at the vets now. Groomers on Monday. He needs medical help but physically he also needs some TLC…..sardine sandwiches it is then….

UPDATE: 12/8/23

We are home from our vets with Tito. Results are so far, he has leishmaniosis, awaiting the results of how bad. Started on alupurinol. He has an infection, a few wounds. No teeth, some of his lower jaw is missing and is infected. His right eye has a tear in it and is infected. His skin, is in appalling condition. So. Eye drops, antibiotics, anti inflammatories. De wormer and flea treatment.

Groomers on Monday to help ease his skin and make him much more comfortable. I'm testing to see what he can eat. So far sausage, ham and yes, sardines are going down well. He is now sound asleep in the caravan. Dog number 11 🤣. He loved the garden and we are happy that he spends whatever time he has left in the sanctuary. He is absolutely the sweetest boy. Welcome home Tito

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